The San Nicola International Dance Competition is an event created with international partners, companies, academies and festivals around the world. Our partners include: Alonzo King LINES BALLET (USA), J Chen Project (NYC USA)FAU Florida Atlantic University (USA)Miami Dade College (USA)Ballet Brio (Portorico)Tanzcompagnie (Germany), Ballet METT (Germany), Henny Jurriens Foundation (Netherlands)Malta’s UniversityArt’s University Tirana (Albania), National Ballet School Tirana (Albania), Ballet Masterclass (Spagna e Italia), World Dance Movement (Italia)Winter Dance Convention (Italia),Gravina In Danza (Italia)Scuola del Balletto di Toscana (Italia)


The competition, which is open to solo artists and groups, is categorised by age and style and aims to promote the art of dance. It offers the possibility to all participants of the chance to study abroad and experience different interpretations and diverse techniques to improve their knowledge and skills. Categories are ballet and modern (contemporary dance, modern, modern/jazz).


​ Photo by Clarissa Lapolla: Tanzcompagnie Giessen (cor. Tarek Assam)